Armour Of God Ii: Operation Condor

Jackie, a.k.a Asian Hawk, - code name Condor -- is a secret agent for hire. Assigned by a Turkish duke to  locate the base and recover the stolen Nazi gold buried in the Sahara Desert, Condor must face mercenaries, guards and one remaining Nazi who wants the treasure he helped steal all those years ago. Upon discovery of the gold, Jackie is promised one percent of the treasure, or roughly 2.5 tons of gold. Even after teaming up with three inept ladies, Condor still has his work cut out for him on his hunt for the stolen loot.  

Genres: ActionComedyKungfu

Actors: Carol Cheng

Directors: Jackie Chan Eric Tsang

Country: HongKong

Duration: 106 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1991

IMDb: 7.3