Ghost Adventures - Season 4

In this season, the trio starts their journey with Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, at three different lock-down locations of the Gettysburg Battlefield. Part one takes place at the Soldiers National Museum, a former American Civil War-era orphanage where it is claimed that children were abused by a matron. Part two takes place at the Jennie Wade House, where Jennie Wade, the only civilian casualty in town, was killed in the kitchen by a stray Confederate bullet. Part three takes place at the Engine House, where the first battle of Gettysburg occurred.

Genres: HistorySci-FiThriller

Actors: Zak Bagans

Directors: Nick Groff Zak Bagans

Country: United States

Episode: special eps

Duration: 45 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1970

IMDb: 7.7